When I was a kid, I looked forward to Friday nights.

Why? Growing up in household run by really, really bad cooks – quite carnivorous cooks – I eagerly anticipated the one night a week when my tastebuds wouldn’t have to be assaulted by dead animals.

I suppose I was a food snob from an early age.

Friday night was fast food night! The parentals were no doubt tired from a busy work week, and were probably more interested in downing a bottle of wine than cooking. Although the ‘fast food’ choices on offer back then were nothing like I would allow in my house now, as a fully grown up person – I didn’t care, I was just so stoked to not have to eat meat.

Fast food now means something very different to me! Fast food can be nutritious AND darn tasty. And RAW.

You can have a crap week at work, but instead of ordering pizza and reaching for the vino, try some speedy raw recipes and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I’m gonna help you with this every Friday, starting today with my sweet potato gnocchi.

Enjoy loves xx



  • 4C peeled & chopped sweet potato (1 or 2 large sweet potato)
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • 1t salt
  • 1 1/1C water
  • 1C psyllium
  • 1/2C coconut flour


  1. Peel and chop sweet potato. Place in high speed blender.
  2. Add garlic, salt, and water.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Add psyllium. Blend
  5. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
  6. Using your hands, mix in the coconut flour.
  7. Line a dehydrator tray.
  8. Form small, gnocchi sized clumps from the sweet potato mixture and place on tray.
  9. Pace in dehydrator until warmed – half an hour to an hour.
  10. Toss with olive oil and your choice of herbs, and serve with a big green salad.