​Ames Starr is Australia’s most creative raw chef, a passionate and inspiring raw food educator, and the mad crazy raw genius behind Raw and Peace.

She has been having fun in the kitchen since 2000, but even more so since she threw out her pots and pans and adopted a raw lifestyle in 2006.

Ames started Raw and Peace whilst recovering from typhoid {read about her run in with cartoon penguins in India here}, on Stradbroke Island in 2010. Since then, she has done every dang raw thing under the sun: run a regular market stall, started Brisbane’s first raw food night, taught many a raw food class, catered for many special events and people, helped others with their restaurants, held retreats, and some one on one raw chef trainings… Phew!

She also ran a raw, vegan, organic cafe in Maleny in 2012 – which, ironically, nearly killed her, but inspired something of a gap year in Bali…

She’s now settled by the sea just north of Brisbane, and is promising not to wander too far again for a while…

You can go visit her on a Sunday at Northey Street.

You can read more, mostly silly things, about Ames here.