I announced on Facebook this week that I’m going to be closing the cafe. Here’s why…
This year has been a full on year for most people, yes? Me included. I’ve moved towns, had a baby, and amongst other things, opened a cafe… Which seemed like a good idea at the time… I guess I was forgetting how much work is involved in such a venture, and then team that up with breastfeeding and running a little family… health disaster waiting to happen?! I found out recently after an amazing live blood analysis with My Life Blood that I’ve got some remaining health issues from my typhoid a few years back, plus adrenal fatigue etc etc… So I’ve been trying to slow down and catch up with myself, but damn it, I’ve just been too busy!
As I was closing up the cafe last Sunday, the decision came out of the blue, without any more thought than, I’m over this, I need to close the cafe! Tuesday night confirmed it. I had what’s known as a TIA – transient ischaemic attack, or mini stroke – sounds cute, but it wasn’t! As someone that has grown up with the worst kind of hypochondriac mother, I tend to be much more of a ‘suck it up and get on with it’ kinda person, rather than the ‘Oh my god, I have a mosquito bite, I’m dying’ type. Now, I’m not really sure how serious what happened on Tuesday is, but I’m not willing to experiment with my health any longer to find out.
Some serious time off is needed for this raw food genius! Which will be good for you lot in the long run, too. I’ll still be doing Northey Street markets (4evaaaaaaa, I heart them so!) and I’ll soon go back to doing some classes here and there, and who knows what else? I’m open to suggestions as to what to do with our cafe space now! We have some ideas, but welcome any new ones, and if people have ideas and need a space?? (Not willing to share my kitchen though. Everrrr).
So, thanks for coming peeps, it’s been lovely to host you! I’ll miss you, but won’t miss working 5 days a week. That part sucks.