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“Ames is one of the great innovators and creatives within our healthy community. Her uplifting energy and ridiculous (in a good way) recipes make nutritious and conscious food delicious to even the most discerning of palates. They’re so good most people struggle to believe they’re raw.”

Maz Valcorza: Whole Foods Jedi


“Ames is one of the most creative, inspiring raw chefs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and delighting in her meals. Her ability to take a cooked food favourite and turn it on it’s head, and make it even more appealing as a raw food dish is incredible. Her creativity knows no bounds and I looked forward to my trips home to Australia just so I could visit her at the markets and see what seasonal goodies she had transformed into mouthwatering dishes. Ames really has an amazing knack for gourmet raw foods and this should be shared with the world!”

Robyn Law: Raw Food Chef


“Ames is an inspiration. Her food is creative, delectable and nourishing. Her passion shines brightly through each and every item, and her fun, quirky personality adds a flavour that is so incredibly unique. We are grateful to have eaten many of her creations, and always look forward to experiencing more of her raw goodness.”

James Lonergan and Monique Pollard: Founders of Ground Organics

“Ames’ workshops are awesome. Not only the quality of the recipes is great but the quantity of knowledge she has and shares with others was over my expectations. Making raw food becomes even easier and funnier. I really recommend it to everyone who has been wanting to get started with raw food or wants to deepen his/her knowledge. Ames has something for everyone.”

Pauline Hanuise: Holistic Health & Recovery Coach


“Ames, thanks for the best food EVER!”

​David Wolfe: Raw Food, Nutrition, and Superfood Guru


“Ames food is filled with LOVE. You can taste it, feel it, nourishing body mind and soul. Beyond this, it tastes amazing – whole, concentrated, real food flavours. Give yourself a few days of raw food and feel the difference in clarity of intuition, energy and well being. Ames’ retreats will place you in a network of soul goodness and friendships you will most likely keep for a long time to come.”

Sian Evans: Musician